Welcome to the new site design for the academic year 2008/09. We’re going to try to keep this as up to date as possible with latest news about events and gatherings, as well as useful information for the struggle through your research.

At the moment the site is mainly made up of the contents of the previous site, although it looks somewhat different. Notable changes thus far are as follows:

  • Upcoming Events is a page where we’ll organise and advertise events in the coming months which are one offs. There’s a calendar on the page showing the current month and any events that are going on. Click on an event for more info.. Alongside this we’re going to use the invite system available in google calendars; don’t worry, you won’t need a google ID for this, it’s just there to make the organising of events easier for all.
  • Regular Events just notes the events that we hold on a fairly regular basis, such as the quiz and various sports activities. The major addition to this page is the map showing highlights (and lowlights) of the surrounding area. This should make life easier for people who don’t know where they’re headed.
  • A small but notable addition – the Cake Club page now has the entire Opera embedded for your viewing pleasure.
  • Links has been changed a bit, with a few dead links removed and a few more added. Homepages are listed on the right hand side, more description has been added to links where necessary.
  • The LaTeX page has had a number of links added, online tutorials to learn LaTeX and LaTeX editors for whatever operating system you might be on (except OS/2).
  • The Random page will be the place to go during those bored moments between proving great things. It’ll get relatively regular updates, including some lovely proofs without words.

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