Coupling Marathon

On Saturday, 4th October, several of us gathered at Björn’s place in an attempt to watch the first three series of the sitcom “Coupling”. Nibbles and refreshments sorted, we sat down in front of the telly.

The marathon began with a supporting feature: Cake Club’s latest, successful TV appearance. A team of three (Luke, Andrew and Philip) appeared on “Step Up to the Plate” and managed to win! Alas, the prize money involved did not extend to subsidising the Movie Marathon Beer Fund.

Once the supporting feature was over, the marathon proper began. The first series was wonderful and witty, introducing the characters Steve, Susan, Jeff, Sally, Patrick and Jane. The dynamics and politics of relationships are humourously explored here. Highlights of this series include the Giggle Loop and Steve’s defence of the video “Lesbian Spank Inferno” as the serious work of an independent lesbian film collective.

We had a break here for a wonderful strawberries and cream cake prepared by Björn and Kirsten. Absolutely delicious.

The second series continues to develop the characters and their relationships. Once again, it is a very funny affair. Highlights:

  • Jeff: “I have the key to the gates of paradise, but I’ve got too many legs!”
  • Captain Subtext
  • Jane and the truth snake

Here we broke for tea: Sainsbury’s pizza.

By now, it was really beginning to feel like a marathon. But there was only one series to go: the third. Remarkably, the series still had legs. The writer, Steven Moffat, was able to maintain interest in the lives of his characters. Highlights:

  • Jeff’s photocopier incident
  • Patrick and Sally’s differing accounts of their first meeting

We finally finished after nearly 12 hours of television. All in all, it had been a fun day. Credit must go to Björn for being such a wonderful host and for providing such delicious cake!