Could it be MAGIC? No.

MAGIC, that technological wonder of the next age, reportedly stands for “Mathematics Access Grid: Instruction and Collaboration.” This is possibly the worse acronym since Arnold Rimmer’s “The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society,” or maybe “The War Against Terror.” So mighty brains of postgrads, I challenge you to provide me with alternative things that MAGIC could stand for. Preferably funny, but rude will do. Your prize you ask? The fame and fortune that will come from having original work of yours proudly displayed on this website. Magic.

Current suggestions:

  • Might Actually Go If Co-erced.
  • Many Academics (in) Geographically Impossible Co-operations.
  • Mostly Another Guise for Inappropriate Chatter.
  • Mathematics: Almost Guaranteed to Irrecoverably Crash.
  • Mathematicians And Girls: In-Compatible.
  • Megalith of Absolution in Great Inter-university Con.
  • Mathematics About Groups/Graphs Is Cool/Crap (delete as appropriate).
  • Majority of Academics’ Great Incompetancies, Characterised.
  • MAd Group theorists solution to the spending of the postgraduate budget being In-Complete.
  • Making Any Grumpy Idiots Collaborate.
  • MAGIC Acronym Gets Iterative Construction.