Interested in volunteer tutoring opportunities?

Change a young person’s life with Action Tutoring

Without C grades at GCSE in English and maths it’s difficult to progress in life. Action Tutoring is a registered charity that helps students from low-income backgrounds leave school with at least five A* – C grades at GCSE. These students do not perform as well at GCSE as their more affluent peers, and they are less able to access expensive support like private tutoring. Action Tutoring is trying to change that by using volunteer tutors to make the benefits of tuition more widely available.

How can I help? What would I be doing?

Apply to be a volunteer tutor and, if successful, we will place you as an English or maths tutor in one of our partner schools. You would then work with one or two pupils for an hour a week across the course of a school term. Tutoring usually takes place after school or on a Saturday morning. Sessions are delivered on school premises at the same time each week. We provide all of our tutors with training and resources, and we will also process a DBS check for you.

What will I get out of it?

Volunteering with Action Tutoring is a great way to meet fellow students, build your CV and develop your communication skills. If you’re interested in teaching as a career, it’s a fantastic chance to get experience of working in a school, and we are happy to provide references on completion of the programme.

When can I start?

We run tutoring programmes throughout the academic year. Once you’ve signed-up we will send you a full list of opportunities so that you can select one that works for you.

How do I sign up?

Applications are open now! Apply here.

What do our tutors say?

“Action Tutoring allowed me to become much more confident in my teaching and leadership skills. Watching the pupil’s progress from week to week was extremely rewarding.”

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