Analysis Seminar today!

This weeks analysis seminar will be given by a new member of our analysis group – Taryn Flock, who will talk On Extremizers of Certain Inequalities for the K-Plane Transform.

The talk is at 4pm in Mech-Eng G26, and as per usual there will be tea and biscuits in the common room from 3.30!


The Radon transform is an integral transform with applications in mathematics, tomography, and medicine. The k-plane transform is an integral transform that maps a function to its integrals over all k-dimensional planes. When k=n-1, the k-plane transform and the Radon transform coincide.

The k-plane transform is a bounded operator from Lp of Euclidean space to Lq of the Grassman manifold of all affine k-planes for certain values of q and p. Extremizers have been determined in a few cases, but most remain open. In this talk, we will focus on showing that, in the endpoint case q=n+1, extremizers are unique. Rearrangement inequalities will be a key tool.


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