Applied Seminar 9th October

This week Andrew Lacey (Heriot-Watt) will talk about the Mathematical Modelling of Liquid Snowflakes at 4pm in Muirhead 122.

There will be coffee, tea and cookies available from 15:30 in the common room!

Abstract: A “liquid snowflake” or “Tyndall star” is a small, thin, star-shaped region of liquid water produced when ice is melted by absorption of light. In the early stages of its growth, the liquid inclusion appears as a small, approximately axially symmetric, lens-like object. We investigate some models, based on having a highly anisotropic “kinetic-undercooling” condition on the ice/water boundary, to try to understand the morphology of such a “Tyndall shape”.
We shall first give a brief introduction to the mathematical models of melting or freezing, the so-called Stefan problems.

For the full list of the seminars this term click here!


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