Postgrad Mathletic – First match of the season!

Come down to support your boys in green today at 12pm on Bournbrook Pitch 3!

The venerable Postgrad Mathletic team will be facing off against latecomers “Erasmus Football Team” in what has all the makings of a game of 6-a-side football!

As ever the team would be nothing if it weren’t for the fans, so come down and show your support!


10 thoughts on “Postgrad Mathletic – First match of the season!

  1. Couldn’t agree more with our dear leader Partlett. Can’t believe they brought shame on the department. The 5-1 loss to Webba was bad enough, but this. I don’t know how they sleep at night.



    • Disgrace. Almost as embarrassing as this website.

      This would never have happened on my watch.

      We need to ditch that turnip Henry and replace him with someone who knows what man management is. I hear Dale Belford is available at the moment.


      • I for one think this website is everything BUMPS needs and more!

        As for Henry….all I can say is that the fans were heard chanting Dymond’s name on Tuesday. I think that says it all.



  2. One game in to the new season and I’ve already ripped up my season ticket. This club has been a shambles for years. I don’t know why anyone bothers anymore. We used to be guaranteed Champions League football every season and now we can’t even win a bloody summer league.



    • You’re all too pessimistic for my liking. True supporters will follow the lads no matter how many times we finish fifth.

      If the lads and the gaffer can consistently show the desire of Chrissy B, inside a nightclub, and the fight of The Beltrain, outside a nightclub, we’ll be fine.


  3. Just to inform you, a meeting of mathletic elders has been called to discuss the recent disgraces. Don’t be surprised if this chap you call ‘Dom’ is never seen again.


  4. I, myself, am fully behind the gaffer. It’s a marathon not a sprint!
    When you consider the lads were playing against a ROW VI first up, scoring 3 times was great to see.
    Shore up that defense with a few new signings and I have no doubt that we can reach the dizzying heights of a fourth place finish this year.

    #Realism #DomIn


  5. Having seen the mighty greens in training over the past two weeks, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s game.

    The players brought in have impressed me and the rumours are that two or three will be in the squad tomorrow. Those regulars that are left out will apparently be having crisis talks with Henry over the next 24 hours.

    I predict a 4-1 win and some outgoing loan deals confirmed with Dynamo Keynes.


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