Industrial CASE studentships for PhD students

The Science and Technology Facilities Council invites applications for its CASE studentships. These provide support for PhD students working on projects that involve joint supervision of the student by a member of staff at an academic or related institution and an employee of a non-academic organisation, such as a UK industrial firm, public sector organisation or charity.

Organisations eligible to receive an STFC studentship quota may act as the academic partner, but not as the non-academic partner. Non-university academic-related partners would need to host the studentship in conjunction with the university where the student would be registered.

During the period of the award, the student is required to spend a period on the premises of the co-operating body. For a three and a half year award, the cumulative period should be no less than nine months. The non-academic partner is required to make a financial contribution to both the student and the project. It must include:

*an annual contribution to the academic research organisation towards the cost of the project of Ł1,550;

*all additional expenses, such as the cost of travel and accommodation incurred as a direct result of attendance at the premises of the non-academic partner;

*a minimum annual contribution to the student of Ł2,760.
Closing date 10 Jul 15 (Forecast)
Deadline information !! Call has not yet been announced by funder, but this is the approximate deadline we expect. Applications due by 4pm. This call is repeated once a year. Please see last year’s website


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